Family, live the joy of faith!

The Families of the World, in Rome, on a pilgrimage to the tomb of St. Peter. To witness their faith with joy. For a moment of strong sharing and prayer. To reflect on the value of the family. To rediscover the family as a privileged place for the transmission of faith.

Dicastery | Pontificium

The Dicastery has the task of coordinating and promoting pastoral efforts with regard to responsible procreation and of encouraging, supporting and coordinating initiatives in defense of human life throughout its existence, from the moment of conception until natural death. Other burning issues fall within the sphere of competence of the Council: theology and catechesis of the family; conjugal and family spirituality; the rights of the child and the family; the formation of lay people involved in family ministry; marriage preparation courses.


I presented several different versions. The "illustrative" and "evocative" one was chosen. This version is characterized by the dominant element: the family.

From the silhouettes, the mother / daughter (red), the father / daughter (gold) and the grandmother / granddaughter (blue) emerge doves of the same color and different colors channeling towards the sky and crossing a slight crack.

The dove represents the sacred symbol, therefore the faith that manages to complete its path despite the small obstacles of life.

The Headline is built from a harmonious character that incorporates the colors of the family.

Everything is placed on a shiny green background that represents the hope of families towards the Church represented by the majesty of St. Peter's Square. On the left under the Headline the image of the Pope is set which recalls the families with his words.


History | Pontificium

Since 1994, at the request of the Episcopal Conferences, the Pontifical Council has offered refresher courses for Bishops and pastoral workers on: "Family, life and ethical questions". Since 1994, the Year of the Family, the Dicastery is responsible for the organization of the World Meetings of Families held in Rome 1994; Rio de Janeiro 1997; Rome 2000 in the context of the Jubilee of Families; Manila 2003; Valencia (Spain) in 2006; Mexico City 2009 and Milan (Italy) in 2012. The next World Meeting of Families will take place in September 2015 in Philadelphia, United States. In 1996 the Pontifical Council for the Family launched the publication of the quarterly magazine, Familia et Vita, which collects articles from bishops and experts on topics that fall within the area of ​​competence of the Dicastery. The Council has promoted numerous publications, available in different languages, on topics related to family and life. To remember the new Enchiridion on family and life published by the Libreria Editrice Vaticana in 2012 and the powerful volume of the Acts (800 pages) of the VII Meeting held in the city of Saint Ambrogio and Saint Charles.


The planning and realization of the Event made it possible to create a commercial in 4 languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish.


On the occasion of the Pilgrimage of Families, the Pontifical Council for the Family wished to pay particular attention to the total involvement of both young people and children. Three initiatives: "Family Talents" for young people, "Life... in HD" for teenagers and "Present your family to Pope Francis" for children.


It will be an opportunity for joyful sharing for the families of the world. Thus, accompanied also by children and grandparents. The importance of the family as a privileged place of transmission of the faith, in fact, leads us to pray and reflect on the value of the family itself and to be witnesses of our faith throughout the world.

Pontificum Consilium pro Familia

The Pontifical Council for the Family is responsible for the promotion of the pastoral ministry and the apostolate of the family, applying the teachings and guidelines of the magisterium of the Church. Christian families can thus be helped to fulfill their educational and apostolic mission in response to the realization of the Gospel of the family in the contemporary world.