Project Brief

The design of the monthly magazine of the Italian Life Movement "SI ALLA VITA" was born from a great study and passion for publishing.


The "SI ALLA VITA" graphic project was created to give an identity to the editorial product itself. The creation and creation of the monthly "SI ALLA VITA" represents an activity that involves the analysis of multiple aspects such as: the choice of materials, media and print formats, the identification of the right graphic style and the most font effective to make it lighter and more pleasant.

Developing the editorial graphic design of the magazine "SI ALLA VITA" means not only studying its external appearance but above all becoming part of it and giving life to the type of message that the Italian Movement for Life wants to involve towards the type of audience to which publication is addressed.


The graphic layout of the magazine has been interpreted differently depending on the type of topic being treated. The colors adopted for the magazine will have to interpret the graphic layout and the importance of its contents in a more lively, colorful and varied way.

  • Green

    RGB: #00a554

  • Yellow

    RGB: #ffca30

  • Orange

    RGB: #f59331


Helvetica Condensed Black

The choice of the font for a monthly magazine such as "SI ALLA VITA" is fundamental above all for having an easy and usable reading.

Art Director / Paolo Buracchini

Through a careful study of the history of the magazine "YES TO LIFE", I redesigned the headboard, the cover and the cage of its internal pages, trying to make reading much more accessible and linear, above all without changing its contents.